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Wondering how the #GMBV (#googlemapsbusinessview) program spreads around the world?

Here an #infographic that shows data and numbers of how the program is developing worldwide.

Since its first deployment in 2010, the service was primarily offered and produced only by the so called “#GoogleTrustedPhotographers”, a group of selected freelancer that could offer a high standardized quality product. Due to various reasons, in the following years the service has been opened to other re sellers, the agencies, pretty large companies working in various markets, mostly mass advertisement. This lead to a new scenario where the stronger selling power of this companies along with a higher “numbers” request from Google  had lowered both the avg service price and quality. This is obviously a personal pov, totally open to comments, suggestions and criticts.

Following actual numbers for a better overall picture of the GMBV program.

GMBV analysis

GMBV analysis

Specializzato nei settori retail ed industriale, #PieroAnnoni vi aiuta a realizzare il vostro #tourvirtuale volto a valorizzare le strutture ed offrire all’utenza ed al cliente una migliore percezione degli spazi e dei servizi offerti.

Realizziamo #tourvirtuali Google anche in contesti e strutture pericolose, tour virtuali per  l’industria manifatturiera, #industria pesante, luoghi remoti o pericolosi. Contattateci per qualsiasi richiesta!

Piero Annoni photographer

#PieroAnnoni è un fotografo freelance che si occupa di #fotografiaindustriale, corporate, interior photography oltre a seguire e coordinare progetti di vario genere, dal web marketing ai tour virtuali alla #digitalizzazione #documentale.


For info and inquiries for industrial photography jobs in Italy feel free to contact me: